Hockey Mom 101

What is a Hockey Mom?  

by Ashley Sester Marsh


“Urban Dictionary’s” definition of a Hockey Mom is….

1- A mother who takes their children to hockey games and is very competitive 

2- A pit bull with makeup 

I don’t know about the whole pit bull thing but I will tell you that I wear my make up to hockey practice – both my son’s and my own. Hear me out before you all start to throw shade…

I am a 35 year old working mom of two totally active boys ages 6 and almost 8. I grew up playing every sport known to man. I was always a tomboy and yet still loved my make up and my personal style. 

My oldest son is a first year mite. He has been on skates since he was 3. My youngest skated/played for 2 years and decided he wanted his own identity and did everything he could opposite of his brother. He is now in soccer and taekwondo and still loves some street hockey. My husband has been an avid hockey lover since I met him. He plays in the old man’s Chiller League and loves every minute of it. I, myself, just started playing hockey in the women’s league this year. 

Hockey was foreign to me as a kid. My high school didn’t have a team and I graduated right after the Blue Jackets became our NHL team. I was introduced to hockey in college when my Hubs took me to a Jackets v Red Wings game. It was awesome! We sat in the nosebleeds and dug the whole thing. The atmosphere was amazing. The community was amazing. The scene was amazing. 

My next big game was actually a world cup game at Nationwide Arena. To top it off the Stanley Cup was showcased that night. That was super cool! I was officially getting hooked. 

The boys started skating and it became a family event. We went to open skates, stick and pucks and learn to plays. We all went to the Hub’s games and the boys became rink rats. Our oldest went through both years of minis and started his first year of tournament team and mites this year. 

This was the best! We were apprehensive of the tournament schedule but decided after talking to our oldest that we would do it. He was stoked! I will tell you that he had the most amazing coaches that poured their all into those teams. They taught them what it means to win and what it means to lose. They taught them how to be a team and how to be leaders. It was so cool to see these lessons being instilled in these boys and girls. 

I watched these kiddos alongside some amazing moms, dads and siblings. We built our own community through the travel, the early weekend practices and the rink stories. I truly believe I have met some of my best friends at the rink. 

One of which was on my case for a while about going to what we call “mom’s practice” on Friday Mornings. I was totally freaked out about this because, yes I was athletic, but, omg hockey is a different story. She got me right before a Jacket’s game, after a couple beers, to commit. I was totally freaked out on my way to my first practice.

Guess what?! It was awesome! These chics were so cool and everyone was there to build each other up. It was such a positive experience. I ended up signing up for women’s league and it has been the best thing ever.

Let me tell you, I am not good, lol. I am not the best one out there. I am learning every minute I am on the ice. I am playing alongside some amazing women who could totally tell me to scram yet they encourage me at every moment. They help me. They give me tips. They cheer for me. They really want me to succeed. These girls are amazing! I am thankful everyday for going outside of my comfort zone and diving in! 

Women of the CAHL

Hockey has been an unbelievable part of our lives from every level. We enjoy watching Jacket’s games together. We travel to tournament games together. We are there for the ups and downs along with the amazing community we have become a part of. I can honestly say that hockey has been a blessing and being a HOCKEY MOM is something I am truly proud of and grateful for!